KS2 Evolution

Which plants were around at the time of the dinosaurs? Have those plants changed and if so, why?

The view of the Princess of Wales Conservatory leaf canopy


Key Stage 2


45 minutes

Allocated space

15 pupils per group


Explore how plants have changed and adapted over time to a variety of different climates and habitats. Find out about Darwin and experience his ‘Thinking Walk’ in our Evolution garden.

This session takes you on a multi-sensory journey through time to unravel the mysteries of evolution and adaptation.

Learning outcomes 

Pupils will be able to:

  • Explore how plants have evolved over time. 
  • Recognise how fossils provide information about plants and animals which lived millions of years ago.
  • Identify individual plant adaptations and their purpose.

We will ensure the learning outcomes focus on the year group taking part. 

Curriculum links 


Year 6 – Evolution and inheritance

  • Recognise that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago.
  • Identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.

Working scientifically

  • Reporting and presenting findings from enquiries, including conclusions, causal relationships and explanations of and degree of trust in results, in oral and written forms.
  • Identifying scientific evidence that has been used to support or refute ideas or arguments.


  • Describe and understand key aspects of physical geography, including climate zones and biomes.


  • Use spoken language to develop understanding through speculating, hypothesising, imagining and exploring ideas.

Example keywords: evolution, adaptation, biome, climate, inheritance, habitat, tropical, temperate, fossil.

A boy examines a flower

Key Stage 2 sessions

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