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We offer hands-on education sessions designed around inquiry-based learning. Our sessions link directly to the curriculum and to Kew's science work. We cover a wide range of subjects including Science, Maths, English, Geography, and Art.

View of the Palm House at sunset

About our education sessions

Experienced teachers

Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are fully DBS checked.

Groups and Gardens

Our sessions take place in a variety of different environments across the Gardens and provide students with an excellent opportunity to engage with the natural world.

We teach in small groups of 15 to ensure a high quality of learning.

We can cater for different ages, abilities, learning needs and some languages. Please provide as much information as possible when you book.

Sessions schedule

Our education sessions timings are fixed and run from 10.30am to 2.20pm (except KS5). We will create an itinerary for you based on the availability of our Kew teachers.

Sessions by Key Stage

  • Child looking at the ground using a magnifying glass


    We aim to excite and inspire young children in a safe, creative and nurturing environment.

  • Student using a microscope

    Key Stage 1

    We aim to give pupils a sense of achievement, provide enjoyment, and foster their curiosity for the natural world.

  • Student examining a plant

    Key Stage 2

    We aim to encourage pupils' interest in the world, its plants and its people.

  •  Student examining seeds

    Key Stage 3

    We offer pupils the opportunity to work scientifically in areas that are difficult to create in the school environment.

  • Students examines plants

    Key Stage 4

    Our sessions complement the GCSE Biology and Georgaphy curricula across all exam boards and BTEC.

  • Students examining plants

    Key Stage 5

    Our sessions complement the A/AS level Biology and Geography curricula across all exam boards, and BTEC and IB.

Pre and post visit resources

Our free resources are curriculum-linked and designed to support your education session at Kew Gardens.

  • Pupils on a school session

    Pre and post visit resources - Primary

    Resources to support your pupils' learning before and after an education session at Kew.

  • Key stage 5 pupils at Kew, Jeff Eden

    Pre and post visit resources - Secondary

    Excite and inspire your secondary school pupils with plant and fungal science.

Kew's approach to learning

Our approach

Through our education sessions your pupils can enjoy active participation, questioning and inquiry-based learning. We aim to inspire a sense of achievement, provide enjoyment and foster curiosity for the natural world, and an understanding and knowledge of the importance of the world's plants and fungi, upon which all our lives depend.

For younger pupils (EYFS/KS1/KS2) we use play, exploration, active learning, and celebrating achievement to stimulate their learning and development.

For older pupils (KS3/4/5) we offer the opportunity to work scientifically in areas that are difficult or impossible to recreate in the school environment. And our teachers use current relevant Kew projects (local and global) to illustrate key concepts.


Many of our sessions are designed to enable learning progression in key topics through the pupils' school life. For example, KS2 Plant hunters expands knowledge and experience gained in KS1 Plant hunters.


We assess the pupils' progress through the following methods:

  • peer discussion
  • open-ended questioning
  • shared experiences
  • predictions
  • investigating results
  • plenaries
  • Logo of the 'Learning outside the classroom quality badge'

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Pupils working as a group on a written task


Endeavour has everything teachers need to deliver inspiring lessons about plant science and the environment. It’s packed with free innovative curriculum-aligned activities for pupils of all ages.