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Our purpose is to help stop biodiversity loss and develop nature-based solutions to some of humanity’s biggest global challenges.

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With over 425 scientists, Kew’s mission is to understand and protect plants and fungi for the well-being of people and the future of all life on Earth.

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Our Science

Explore our research departments, scientific projects and services and find out about the people behind Kew Science.

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The 2030 Declaration on Scientific Plant and Fungal Collecting

Out of the 2023 SOTWPF Symposium rises a new declaration that you can become a part of

State of the World's Plants and Fungi 2023 report

A massive collaboration from 200 scientists across 100 institutions and 30 countries.

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Our collections, resources and facilities

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    With over 8.5 million items, Kew houses the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world.

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    Data and digital resources

    Browse our databases which house a range of plant and fungal information on naming, plants, seeds, fungi and more.

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    Research facilities

    From laboratories to our Millennium Seed Bank, we have a wide range of state-of-the-art platforms that support the delivery our scientific research.

Find a scientist

Search over 350 plant and fungal experts in our departments

Get involved with Kew Science

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    Global partnerships

    We collaborate with over 400 institutions to deliver the greatest benefits to science, conservation policy and education.

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    Education and training

    We offer a range of opportunities to study with us, from internships and an MSc programme, to PhDs and professional development.

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    Engage with Kew Science

    Get involved and be a part of Kew's scientific research. Visit our collections, take part in our work and find out about the many ways you can support Kew's mission.

Digitising Kew's Collections

We've just digitised 1 million specimens! See more updates from our ambitious project to digitise over 8 million specimens

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Nature Unlocked

At Wakehurst, scientists are using the landscape as a living laboratory, exploring nature-based solutions to threats such as biodiversity loss and climate change, and asking the questions needed to increase the resiliency of UK ecosystems.

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Read our publications and reports to gain a wider view of our research.