About us

Our mission is to unlock the potential of plants and fungi, through the power of scientific discovery and research.

We are fighting for a world where plants and fungi are understood, valued and protected.

At the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, we harness the power of our science, and the rich diversity of our gardens and collections to unearth why plants and fungi matter to everyone.

The need has never been greater.

Biodiversity loss, climate change, rapidly-spreading pests and diseases combined with a soaring human population and fragile food security are negatively impacting communities around the world.

Plants and fungi hold the key to solving some of these challenges. Whether as medicines, food, materials or fundamental members of ecosystems, they harbour secrets that could benefit us all.

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Kew's global work

Kew plays a crucial role in the UK's work to fulfill its commitments to international agreements like the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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    Get to know our trustees, our executive board and just some of the nearly 1,000 staff who make Kew the inspiring place to visit and learn.

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    History of Kew

    A timeline into our 250 year history, the legacy of our botanical expedition heritage and the major achievements that have shaped us. 

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    Find out more about our commercial activities, including our publishing house and our location services. 

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    Jobs and volunteering

    Kew needs passionate individuals to help solve some of the critical challenges facing humanity today. 

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    Reports and policies

    All our annual reports and up-to-date policies. 

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