Agius Evolution Garden

Immerse yourself in the science behind our stunning plant collection. Scroll down further to hear from our scientists.

Flowers at the Agius Evolution Garden

Did you know that roses and nettles are closely related?

Science and horticulture come together in perfect harmony in our newly designed Agius Evolution Garden, where we invite you to contemplate nature’s beautiful surprises.

Take a seat in this relaxing space while you unravel the secrets held in each plant’s unique DNA and explore new connections between species that have only just been revealed. 

Advances in technology have allowed our scientists to contribute to building the Plant Tree of Life, piecing together the astounding relationships found in the plant kingdom. This knowledge could hold the key to developing new medicines or building climate-resilient cities.

Gorgeous horticultural displays tell these compelling stories of plant evolution. 

Botany has never been so beautiful.

Hear from our experts

Want to know how we developed this garden, its unique history or the story of evolution?

Our team give you a peek at the background and work that went into developing this extraordinary marriage of science and horticulture.

And if you're standing in the Agius Evolution Garden now, you'll get a little guide to what you're seeing.

The history of the Agius Evolution Garden

How we designed the Agius Evolution Garden

The science story behind the Agius Evolution Garden

Visiting the Agius Evolution Garden 

We may occasionally need to close attractions for maintenance or visitor safety: check for planned closures and visitor notices before you visit. 

The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew would like to thank Marcus and Kate Agius for generously funding the creation of the Agius Evolution Garden.

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