Unearthed: Mysteries from an unseen world

Poisonings, trafficking and zombies. James Wong reveals the roles plants and fungi play in thrilling, sinister and heart-breaking real-life stories.

The logo for the Unearthed podcast, which is the word 'Unearthed' written in soil, with the text 'Mysteries from an unseen world'

The plant behind a fatal poisoning, the fungi that turns insects into zombies and the world's disappearing forests.

In Kew's very first podcast series, botanist and 'plant geek' James Wong (BBC, Observer, New Scientist) will take you on journey in this one-of-a kind docuseries looking at the science behind murder, trade, allergens and medicines. 

Learn about the illegal trafficking of rare species, how we identify dangerous poisons and how plants heal the human body through real-life human stories told through the expertise of Kew's own scientists and horticulturists. 

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Unearthed: Mysteries from an unseen world

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Episode 1: Uncovering a multi-million pound smuggling trade

Episode 2: The curry killer: How Kew helped bring a murderer to justice

Episode 3: Curious cures and mysterious medicines

Episode 4: Zombies, tripping and the everyday normality of fantastic fungi

Episode 5: Harm or Harmony: How safe are we from the foods we eat?

Episode 6: The Disappearing Forests: Is ecocide a crime?

** BONUS ** Episode 7: Dirt on our hands: Overcoming botany's hidden legacy of inequality

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