Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre Operations

We support Kew's teams in Madagascar, ensuring the delivery of our research.

Thick wet mud with a 4x4 vehicle stuck

The Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre (KMCC) Operations team ensure that resources are in place and available (finance, materials, people) to achieve all planned science and operational activities in Madagascar. 

We have a big responsibility to guarantee that all Kew – KMCC projects and activities go smoothly, safely, in time and in budget.

We co-operate with all teams based at KMCC to ensure that KMCC and staff are working towards Kew’s mission to understand and protect plants and fungi for the well-being of people and the future of all life on Earth. 

To deliver this new scientific mission, we are committed to operating within the Malagasy law; applying Kew policies and safeguarding; providing services to make sure that whole teams at KMCC meet their objectives; protecting Kew’s prestige and reputation; showing that we are experts in Malagasy plants and fungi; and influencing decision taking.

The KMCC operations team is composed of nine staff, lead by Hélène Ralimanana and includes one botanist, two accountants, four drivers, one housekeeper and one guardian. 

Only one operation staff (accountant) is based on site in Itremo. 

We additionally provide support to Kew researchers and MSc students coming out to Madagascar, ensuring that all permits and logistical arrangements are in place. We participate alongside our visiting researchers and students in plant collecting and inventories, teaching and community outreach during the fieldtrips. 

The KMCC Operations team multitask, most of our visitors have good memories of our team, enjoy working with us and most of them would like to come out in Madagascar again. 


Team leader
Dr Hélène Ralimanana

Bodoarisoa Mbolatahiana
Clara Marie Lucie Rafanomezantsoa

Roger Rajaonarison (driver technician)
Joel Rakotonirina
Tatamo Andrianantenaina Ranaivomanana
Michel André Boutchama

Odette Raharimanana

Lovaniaina Herinjaka

Windows Operation Analyst
Aina Josia Herinandrianina

FMH (Fitantanana Maharitra Holovain-jafy) Project Team
Faramalala Manampisoa Ralaizandry (Administration Officer)
Fiaina Nathalie (Project Accountant)
Marie Hylaria Laviavy Fanantenana (Site Office Housekeeper)
Alexis Mamindrainy Randriatsiferana (Site Office Guardian)