Our science departments

We have six research departments which are supported by the Library, Art and Archives and the Office of the Science Directorate.

Researchers looking at plants in Kew's Palm house
Drone image of canopy in Rio Branco

Biodiversity Informatics and Spatial Analysis

Applying computational techniques to analyse, edit, curate, organise, mine and disseminate data and to evaluate trends and patterns through time and space.

Biodiveristy Informatics and Spatial Analysis department
Dried Rhododendron specimen

Collections Department

Our scientific collections contain over 8.5 million items, representing over 95% of known flowering plant genera and approximately 66% of the known genera of fungi.

Collections department

Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology

Understanding the principles that determine plant and fungal diversity and applying this knowledge to the global challenges of today.

Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology department
Mountain area in Mozambique - a tropical important plant area

Conservation Science

The Conservation Science department undertakes rigorous, evidence-based research and conservation activities to improve the global outlook for biodiversity.

Conservation Science department
Researcher inspecting Herbarium specimen for taxonomic research

Identification and Naming

Species discovery, naming and curation, and undertaking accurate taxonomy - the bedrock on which all of Kew’s pure and applied science is based. 

Identification and Naming department
A man is harvesting coffee by hand in south-west  Ethiopia.

Natural Capital and Plant Health

Researching plant and fungal natural assets and the ecosystem services they underpin in order to provide benefits and services to humankind. 

Natural Capital and Plant Health department
Painting of Passiflora alata

Library, Art and Archives

Supporting Kew’s science, history and horticulture, as well as the academic research of visitors from around the world.

Library, Art and Archives department
CITES team member with two researchers in the Jodrell Anatomy Lab

Office of the Science Directorate

Providing support for our research departments and ensuring we have the right scientific infrastructure. Working directly to support the Director of Kew Science.

Meet the Office of the Science Directorate