Our science departments

Meet the teams within our Research, Partnerships, and Science Operations departments.

Researchers looking at plants in Kew's Palm house
  • Landscape image of a forest

    Ecosystem Stewardship

    Combining the in situ (on-site, in-country) protection of biodiversity with its sustainable use. 

  • Pink flowers

    Trait Diversity and Function

    Exploring properties of plants and fungi, and their potential applications to human health, well-being and sustainable development.

  • Young researcher at a PC digitising

    Digital Revolution

    Unlocking the vast resource of information held within our collections.

  • Person inspecting a herbarium specimen with an iPad

    Accelerated Taxonomy

    Pushing the frontiers of taxonomic research to accelerate the characterisation and identification of species in near real-time.

  • Four people stood far away in a mountainous area in Switzerland

    Enhanced Partnerships

    Building on our current network of partners and collaborators and maximise our real-world impact. 

  • Researcher in white lab coat, looking at clipboard, surrounded by grey and orange crates

    Science Operations

    Providing the infrastructure, collections and services necessary to achieve the goals of Kew's Scientific Priorities.