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Data and resources

Explore Kew's data and resources for plant and fungal information.
Herbarium specimen digitisation

Collections data

Search Kew's collections databases and discover other collections resources.

Relationships between plants and fungi (Credit: Lukas Large)


Use our wide range of resources to access plant and fungal data.

Gymnopilus junonius (Credit: Lukas Large)


Explore Kew's data and resources concerning fungi.

Inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory


Use our resources to find accepted plant and fungal names, lists of synonyms and medicinal plant name information.

Inside Kew's Palm House


Explore Kew's data and resources concerning plants.

Seeds and fruits (Credit: Wolfgang Stuppy)


Explore Kew's data and resources concerning seeds.

Herbal medicines on sale in South Korea (Photo: Gaël Chardon, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tools and services

Find tools and services relating to plant and fungal science.

Kew species profiles in POWO

Discover more than 500 plant and fungal species profiles in the Plants of the World Online.

Terms and condition for Kew Science

Terms and conditions for Kew Science

Read the terms and conditions for the use of Kew Science's data and resources.

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