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Herbarium, RBG Kew
Letter from Kew's Archive

Archive Collection

Manuscripts, letters, diaries, research papers, collecting notebooks, photograph albums and many other types of material held in the Archive Collection.

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Gloved hand holding tube in freezer

DNA and Tissue Bank

 Contains approximately 48,000 samples of plant genomic DNA and over 11,000 silica dried tissue samples.

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Three jars and a 'wand'

Economic Botany database

Search 90,000 plant raw materials and artefacts that represent all aspects of craft and daily life worldwide.

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Researcher examining fungi specimen in Fungarium

Fungarium Catalogue K(M)

Visit the portal to the internal database (Herbtrack) for the fungal collections that have been accessioned to Kew.

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Specimen in Kew's Fungarium

Fungarium Catalogue (HerbIMI)

The IMI database contains around 400 000 records, mostly comprising specimens vouchered in the IMI fungarium (dried collection of fungi).

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Inside the Herbarium with a cupboard open

Herbarium Catalogue

Provides access to Herbarium ad Spirit Collection specimen records and images available digitally.

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Joseph Hooker Correspondence

Transcriptions and digital images of Joseph Hooker’s letters. For more information visit the project page.

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The Reading Room in the Library at Kew


Search the most comprehensive collection of botanical literature in the world.

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Aster trinervius Roxb., watercolour on paper commissioned by William Roxburgh

Roxburgh's Flora Indica

Contains Roxburgh's three-volume text-only Flora Indica published posthumously in 1832, with the illustrations he commissioned of most of the plants he described.

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Bright yellow flora in the British Virgin Islands

UKOTs Online Herbarium

A virtual herbarium comprising of digitized and geo-referenced herbarium specimens from Kew's collection of UKOTs plants.

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Yellow seeds on a table.

Millennium Seed Bank Seed List

Millennium Seed Bank Partnership collections held at Kew's Millennium Seed Bank and at Partner Institutes.

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Doors to storage room.

Seed Information Database

A compilation of seed biological trait data from the MSBP's own collections and from other published and unpublished sources.

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Rice seeds in hands, Nepal

Millennium Seed Bank Partnership Data Warehouse

The portal for seed collections data from accession data to x-ray images. Access is available to staff from organisations within the MSBP.

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