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Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer', in the Great Broadwalk Borders

FReD - Floral Reflectance Database

Submit and download data on floral colour and reflectance.

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Big tree at Wakehurst

Inside Wood

Brief descriptions of fossil and modern woody dicots (hardwoods) from more than 200 plant families.

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Bromeliad - Neoregelia

Neotropical Vegetation Data

Making published and unpublished inventory and vegetation survey data for Latin America readily accessible on a geographical basis.

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Plant DNA C-values database

Combining data from the Angiosperm, Gymnosperm, Pteridophyte, Bryophyte and Algae DNA C-values databases.

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Anagallis arvesis

Plants of the World Online

Browse 1,113,000 global plant names, 65,800 detailed descriptions, and 191,400 images with an initial focus on tropical Africa.

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CACTACEAE, Mammillaria rettigiana, Mexico, IUCN Red List Vulnerable, grows among volcanic rocks in semi-desert, illegally collected

SEPASAL Database 

The Survey of Economic Plants for Arid and Semi-Arid Lands: information on useful 'wild' and semi-domesticated tropical and subtropical dryland plants.

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