Children's Garden

A fun, interactive space to climb, run, jump and explore everything that a plant needs to grow.

A boy playing in the Children's Garden at Kew

Remember to book a time slot to enter Kew Gardens and secure a separate time slot for The Children's Garden ahead of your visit.

Please note that the water feature is currently closed for essential maintenance work. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Booking is now open for play sessions in the Children's Garden. 

Our exciting new garden is especially designed for children from 2 to 12 years old. 

Based in a natural setting the size of 40 tennis courts, children can explore all the things plants need to grow; earth, air, sun and water.  

Over 100 mature trees are spread over this beautiful landscape, with hidden treasures and adventures around every corner, leading to a 4m high canopy walk wrapped around a 200-year-old oak in the heart of the Children's Garden. 

Advanced booking

To let the kids loose in the Children's Garden, add a free play session for each child to your main Kew Gardens ticket when you prebook your time slot online.

This will allow you to select a 60-minute session in advance of your visit. Tickets will then be scanned either from paper or a mobile device upon entry to the Children’s Garden.

Please note: The Children's Garden is open at a reduced capacity to maintain social distancing. Each ticket is for one child and two adult supervisors only. This system is in place to ensure that as many children as possible can come in and play safely.

Book your time slot to Kew Gardens and add on The Children's Garden

Quiet sessions

We are offering quiet sessions in The Children’s Garden for children aged 2-12 years with special educational needs and disabilities to make for a more comfortable visit. 

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Nearest entrances 

Elizabeth Gate and Brentford Gate

Explore the elements 

Earth Garden 

In the Earth Garden children can weave through a living bamboo tunnel, explore a jungle of large leafed palms and slide down 'worm-hole' tubes.  

There’ll be lots to learn about earth science, from germination to plants with interesting roots. 

Air Garden 

In the Air Garden wander a forest of colourful spinning windflowers, giant pollen spheres and bubbles that imitate seeds floating on the breeze.  

We’ll have hammocks and periscopes so children can enjoy gazing at the sky, and a tree-lined amphitheatre for storytime. And of course, trampolines for the bravest few! 

Sun Garden 

In the Sun Garden follow windy and twisted paths through a ring of sunflowers and pink candy floss grass.  

We’ll have a spectacular show of blossom with a row of cherry trees and hoop frames made of apple and pear trees for a real sensory adventure. 

Water Garden 

In the Water Garden explore our stream and water feature with stepping stones inspired by the giant waterlily. 

Children can clamber over large natural stone boulders, planted with horsetails, ferns and giant rhubarb whilst learning about the vital role of the water cycle. 

Please note: We are only able to allow entry to adults with children, along with a valid ticket. 

Visiting the Children's Garden 

We may occasionally need to close attractions for maintenance or visitor safety: check for planned closures and visitor notices before you visit. 

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