Pre and post visit resources - Primary

Resources to support your pupils' learning before and after an education session at Kew.

Pupils using maths equipment during a schools session
  • Pupils on a school session

    KS2 Evolution and adaptation

    Get your pupils thinking about the topic of evolution. 

  • Oil painting of  Japanese persimmon or kaki fruit by Marianne North

    KS2 Marianne North

    Does art have a place in the world of science? 

  • Bee pollinating yellow flower

    KS2 Pollination

    Why are pollinators so important? 

  • Tropical plants inside the Palm House

    KS2 Rainforests: People and plants

    What can you see, hear, touch, taste and smell in a tropical rainforest? 

  • Students learning about the rainforest

    Lower KS2 Habitats: Rainforests

    How do plants and animals rely on eachother? 

  • Student looking through a microscope

    Lower KS2 Plant scientists

    What do you think a plant scientist does? 

  • Banana leaf

    Upper KS2 Habitats: Rainforests

    How do plants and animals help each other survive? 

  • Upper KS2 Plant scientists

    Discuss the main stages of the life cycle of a plant.