Support your visit

Our free resources are curriculum-linked and designed to support your education session at Kew Gardens.

A boy examines a flower
  • Pupils on a school session

    Pre and post visit resources - Primary

    Resources to support your pupils' learning before and after an education session at Kew.

  • Key stage 5 pupils at Kew, Jeff Eden

    Pre and post visit resources - Secondary

    Excite and inspire your secondary school pupils with plant and fungal science.

  • Economic Botany Collection jars

    Mobile museum lesson plans

    Teach your pupils why plants are so important in our everyday lives. 

  • Elisa Biondi in Princess of Wales Conservatory

    Career cards

    Give your pupils an insight into different careers at Kew.

Pupils working as a group on a written task

Teaching resources

Endeavour has everything teachers need to deliver inspiring lessons about plant science and the environment. It’s packed with free innovative curriculum-aligned activities for pupils of all ages.