Pre and post visit resources - Secondary

Resources to support your pupils' learning before and after an education session at Kew.

Pupils on a school session at Kew
  • Interior shot of the Palm House with leafy greenery

    KS3 Biology: Rainforest ecosystems

    What would happen if animals disappeared from the rainforest? 

  • Pupils on a school session

    KS3 Geography: Rainforest ecosystems

    What do you think ecosystem services are? 

  • Frost at Kew

    KS3 Plant adaptations and photosynthesis

    What enables plants to be frost resistant? 

  • Titan arum in bloom at Kew

    KS4 Evolution and adaptation

    Why have plants evolved different odours? 

  • Pupil looking at a plant on a school session

    KS4 Field studies

    What is ecology and why is it important? 

  • Madagascan forest,

    KS4 Geography: Rainforest ecosystems

    Why is surveying the rainforest important? 

  • Pupils on a school session

    KS4 Photosynthesis and gas exchange

    Think about conditions in the Arabian peninsular. How have plants adapted to survive? 

  • Alpine plants in the Rock Garden

    KS5 Biology: How plants work

    How do plants obtain water and why do they need it? 

  • A research inspects herbarium specimens

    KS5 Classification and taxonomy

    Why is it important that plants are classified and named correctly? 

  • Researcher in Palm House looking at Bamboo

    KS5 Conservation and biodiversity

    Why is plant conservation important? 

  • A fungi on the forest floor

    KS5 Energy and recycling in ecosystems

    What role do fungi and other microorganisms play within ecosystems? 

  • Princess of Wales Conservatory

    KS5 Evolution and adaptation

    How have species diversified? 

  • Pupils on a school session

    KS5 Field studies

    Why are plant ecological surveys important? 

  • Key stage 5 pupils at Kew, Jeff Eden

    KS5 Geography: Deserts and plants

    What is desertification? 

  • An Amazon rainforest river scene

    KS5 Geography: Ecosystems and climate change

    How will plants be impacted by climate change? 

  • Coffee beans with a hand

    KS5 Geography: Globalisation

    How will globalisation impact the coffee industry? 

  • Student looking at the moisture levels of a cactus

    KS5 Geography: Carbon and water cycles

    What part do tropical rainforests play in the carbon and water cycle?