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In the Gardens

Kew’s expert teams bring you updates from around the gardens and behind the scenes as they go about their work maintaining the living collections and historic buildings or creating seasonal events within Kew’s ever-changing landscape.
Kew's Kitchen Garden
18th July 2018

Taking root: Potato season at Kew's Kitchen Garden

It’s July in the Kitchen Garden at Kew and potato season is well underway. From helping the war effort to being the first crop grown in space, there’s more to the humble spud than meets the eye.
Cocktails at The Botanical
5th July 2018

Is it gin o’clock already?

As the days get longer and the summer scorcher sets in, a cocktail recipe with Kew Organic Gin might just be the refreshing tipple you need.
A view of the Boyaca region in Colombia
25th June 2018

Plant explorers: the adventure continues

Field science is behind some of the most rare and endangered plants now protected and displayed at the Temperate House. Kew Scientist Elinor Breman takes a break from expeditions to explain why it continues to be part of Kew’s heritage.
8th June 2018

Kew’s unwanted guests: Tackling Oak Processionary Moths

You might have noticed that parts of the gardens are sometimes closed off. Kew is hard at work tackling the spread of Oak Processionary Moths – but what are they, and why are they a problem? Our Head of the Arboretum, Tony Kirkham, tells us more.
Qercus suber, the 'cork tree'
5th June 2018

Quercus suber: an example of sustainability

The 'cork tree' Quercus suber boasts a rich history of uses from bottle stoppers to bike brakes. Intern Jake Newitt investigates.
Encephalartos woodii in the Temperate House
18th May 2018

Wood like to meet: the loneliest plant in the world

Encephalartos woodii is tough, elegant and handsome. Yet, since it arrived at Kew in 1899 it has been all alone. Will this lonely plant ever find a partner?
Hazel Wilks working on an illustration. Photographer Sandrine Vivès-Rotger
15th May 2018

How to be a botanical artist

Hone your botanical art skills with these top tips from Kew’s botanical artists.
Anita Barley Orchid Festival 2015
11th May 2018

What is botanical art?

Meet some of Kew’s botanical artists and find out about the scientific role of their artwork. Hear from the artists at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery on Worldwide Day of Botanical Art, 18 May
Jacaranda mimosifolia, Jake Newitt RBG Kew
3rd May 2018

Jacaranda mimosifolia: a jewel in the Temperate House treasure trove

The ‘fern tree’ Jacaranda mimosifolia could hold the key to fighting drug resistant bacteria. Intern Jake Newitt tells us more.
Gnomus waits to tour Temperate House
3rd May 2018

I am Gnomus, caretaker of the Earth

Gnomus is one the oldest creatures in the world. This summer, he's left his underground home to tell stories of the plants in the Temperate House. Tell us about yourself, Gnomus.
2nd May 2018

Plant grown from 203-year-old seed begins new life in the Temperate House

The re-opening of the Temperate House sees the oldest Victorian glasshouse restored to its former glory. But it’s not the only thing that’s been given a new lease of life.
Catharanthus roseus 'Madagascan periwinkle' image: RGB Kew/Jake Newitt
20th April 2018

Catharanthus roseus: A cancer-killing champion of the plant world

Jake Newitt investigates the spectacular Madagascar periwinkle and its amazing cancer fighting properties.
17th April 2018

Behind the dragons

A master carver, 3D printers, a Buddhist blessing and a wind tunnel. Craig Hatto, Project Director for the Great Pagoda tells us how his team brought 80 dragons back to life.
Temperate House
5th April 2018

11 things you didn't know about the Temperate House

We have thrown open the doors to the world’s largest glasshouse after five years of painstaking restoration. Here are 11 little-known facts behind the beautiful façade.
Vegetables growing in the Kitchen Garden
20th February 2018

A healthy and quick salad snack that even Peter Rabbit™ would love!

Peter Rabbit made himself ill by eating lettuce, French beans and radishes straight from Mr McGregor's garden. If he had made up this easy recipe from The Kew Gardens Children's Cookbook, he would have had a tasty snack instead.
Kew's Kitchen Garden
20th February 2018

Peter Rabbit™ friends and Kew's Kitchen Garden

Come to the Kitchen Garden at Kew this Easter and see some of the vegetables that Peter Rabbit would have found in Mr McGregor's vegetable plot.
Thailand (Image: Ruth Clark)
8th February 2018

A seed bank for Thailand

Conservation scientist Kate Hardwick reveals how a partnership between Thailand and Kew is helping protect key species. Discover more at our Thai-themed Orchids Festival.
Thai cocktails for Kew's Orchids Festival (Image: White Label Cocktails)
29th January 2018

Exclusive Thai cocktails coming to Kew

We catch up with mixologist James to get a sneak preview of the Thai-themed cocktails being created for Kew's Orchids Festival.
Mangrove in southern Thailand (Image: Aoife Simpson)
29th January 2018

Plant hunting in Thailand

As we prepare to open our Thai-themed Orchids Festival, scientist Tim Utteridge updates us on an ambitious project that has spanned five decades.
Kew horticulturist installing the Orchids Festival
19th January 2018

Caring for your orchids

Horticulturist Elisa Biondi takes a break from installing Kew's Orchids Festival to share her top tips on how to care for your windowsill orchids.