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Get a glimpse behind-the-scenes at Kew, learn a bit more about our cutting-edge science and explore the fascinating world of plants and fungi.
A plant found in a Colombian expedition
19th February 2019

Fighting cancer or building cathedrals: Colombia's useful plants

We are celebrating Colombia’s incredible biodiversity through the orchid festival. Isabel Lopez, Kew scientist and proud Colombian, shows off the potential of her country’s plants.
Image showing Wild rice collected in Nepal
13th February 2019

Rice, rice, baby: the global importance of rice

Rice is the staple food for billions of people. So it's vital that we protect it. We examine this valuable seed and explore its importance.
La Macarena Park, Colombia
4th February 2019

Colombia: Evolution's favourite playground

We are celebrating Colombia’s incredible biodiversity through the orchid festival. Sergio Marrugo, former ColPlantA programme intern at Kew and biologist, tells us what makes his country's plant life so varied.
Compostable coffee cups at Kew
29th January 2019

How Kew Gardens is fighting plastic pollution

From our cutting-edge science to using compostable plastic packaging alternatives in our shops and cafés, here are the different ways we are involved in the war against plastic.
Cattleya trianae, Colombia's national orchid
24th January 2019

Colombia's most interesting orchids

There is an incredible diversity of orchids on this Earth; over 25,000 species of them! Expert Oscar Alejandro Pérez Escobar shares his five favourite orchid facts from his native Colombia.
Palm House Pond at Kew Gardens
18th January 2019

What is a botanic garden?

Maybe dating back to the 4th century BCE, the purpose of a botanic garden has changed. Sharon Willoughby, Historian and Head of Interpretation, explains how Kew fits into that journey.
Orchids at Kew
17th January 2019

The curse of being beautiful: Orchids under threat

The global demand for orchids has a dark side. Trafficking and illegal harvesting could be threatening their very existence.
Harvesting coffee by hand from forest at Yayu, south-west  Ethiopia. Image Alan Schaller_Union Hand-Roasted Coffee
16th January 2019

5 things you didn't know about coffee

There’s more to the story of our favourite morning brew than you might think.
Sunset behind Palm House
9th January 2019

Secrets of the Palm House revealed

Palm House Supervisor, Will Spoelstra, reveals little-known secrets of Kew’s world-famous glasshouse, from nesting robins to our extraordinary tropical plants.
7th January 2019

Back from the brink: 5 plants in the Temperate House that almost became extinct

Meet our Temperate House hero plants that hung on in there even when the going got tough.
The Redwood Grove in the Arboretum at Kew
20th December 2018

5 reasons you should spend more time outdoors in 2019

New year, new you? Kick start your new year and reap the benefits of the great outdoors in 2019.
Oranges in the Temperate House
19th December 2018

Mulled wine: tastes of Christmas growing at Kew

It’s mulled wine season! Learn more about the plant stars of this Christmas favourite.
The Koukoutamba falls, Guinea
17th December 2018

Top 13 species discovered in 2018

From an 'edible hedgehog' to a flower revealed by rainfall, our scientists and partners have discovered over 170 brand new species in 2018.
14th December 2018

A poo story: making mulch at Kew

Our mulch supports the growth of our thousands of incredible plants. Find out how we make it and the secret ingredient that makes it so great.
Holly berries at Kew
10th December 2018

What a Kew scientist wants for Christmas

From a larger herbarium to a time-travelling gadget, our scientists give us their wish lists for the festive season ahead...
27th November 2018

5 ways the Tree Gang help our old trees

Discover how we boost the health of our ancient trees and why they are so valuable to our world. Tree Gang chief Kevin Martin tells us more.
Prayer plant in the Princess of Wales conservatory
27th November 2018

6 plants at Kew that make perfect houseplants

What better gift than a beautiful houseplant? Here are our top plant picks from Kew’s Princess of Wales Conservatory that will grow happily in your home.
26th November 2018

3 trees you need to know about

Meet Kew’s toughest trees: from the bark-regenerating cork oak to the endangered Baobab.
Falkland Islands cushion heath (Image: © M.Corcoran)
25th November 2018

The Climate Change Act: 10 years later

The rate of climate change is faster than ever before. We know that the impact on our natural world could be devastating, so where are we now 10 years after the Climate Change Act?
Palm House parterre in winter
23rd November 2018

What happens to Kew Gardens in winter

During the cold season at Kew, the garden staff are busier than ever, but what horticultural work needs to be done? Seasonal Displays Horticulturist, Nick Woods, explains.