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In the Gardens

Kew’s expert teams bring you updates from around the gardens and behind the scenes as they go about their work maintaining the living collections and historic buildings or creating seasonal events within Kew’s ever-changing landscape.
Vegetables growing in the Kitchen Garden
20th February 2018

A healthy and quick salad snack that even Peter Rabbit™ would love!

Peter Rabbit made himself ill by eating lettuce, French beans and radishes straight from Mr McGregor's garden. If he had made up this easy recipe from The Kew Gardens Children's Cookbook, he would have had a tasty snack instead.
Kew's Kitchen Garden
20th February 2018

Peter Rabbit™ friends and Kew's Kitchen Garden

Come to the Kitchen Garden at Kew this Easter and see some of the vegetables that Peter Rabbit would have found in Mr McGregor's vegetable plot.
Thailand (Image: Ruth Clark)
8th February 2018

A seed bank for Thailand

Conservation scientist Kate Hardwick reveals how a partnership between Thailand and Kew is helping protect key species. Discover more at our Thai-themed Orchids Festival.
Thai cocktails for Kew's Orchids Festival (Image: White Label Cocktails)
29th January 2018

Exclusive Thai cocktails coming to Kew

We catch up with mixologist James to get a sneak preview of the Thai-themed cocktails being created for Kew's Orchids Festival.
Mangrove in southern Thailand (Image: Aoife Simpson)
29th January 2018

Plant hunting in Thailand

As we prepare to open our Thai-themed Orchids Festival, scientist Tim Utteridge updates us on an ambitious project that has spanned five decades.
Kew horticulturist installing the Orchids Festival
19th January 2018

Caring for your orchids

Horticulturist Elisa Biondi takes a break from installing Kew's Orchids Festival to share her top tips on how to care for your windowsill orchids.
Tony Kirkham and Dame Judi Dench
20th December 2017

Tony Kirkham shares his passion for trees with Dame Judi Dench

The Head of the Arboretum at Kew has spent the last year filming with Judi Dench to explore her interest in trees and woodland. Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees, was first shown on BBC One at 8pm on 20 December, and is now available on BBC iPlayer.
Christmas at Kew
17th November 2017

Lighting up the landscape for Christmas at Kew

Each year Kew brings together light artists from around the globe to create bespoke pieces for Christmas at Kew. We reveal some of the innovative installations you can experience on the trail this year.
Taxodium distichum next to the Palm House pond
27th October 2017

Meet Kew's autumn trees

Autumn is one of the best times to take a long walk in the Gardens, as many of the hundreds of tree species are at their most colourful.
Woodys Treelings performing thai chi
22nd September 2017

Artful Autumn: Woody Fox Willow

Woody has created a group of Treelings which can be found in the Natural Area. He tells us about the materials he uses for his figures, where he got his inspiration and how he feels seeing his artworks on display in the Gardens.
Amanita muscaria by Claudia Wegner
22nd September 2017

Artful Autumn: Claudia Wegner

Claudia Wegner's four large fungi paintings hang from trees in the Natural Area. Claudia tells us about her passion for fungi and how her paintings show their beauty and complexity.
Julia Clarke creating her sculpture at Kew
22nd September 2017

Artful Autumn: Julia Clarke

Julia's willow sculptures are on display on Cedar Vista and outside the Marianne North Gallery. We asked her what materials she uses and why, what made her want to exhibit at Kew and how she feels now that her sculptures are in the Gardens.
Riorus, bench sculpture by Nigel Ross
13th September 2017

Artful Autumn: Nigel Ross

Nigel has six wooden sculptures along Cedar Vista, made to be sat on and enjoyed. We asked him how he became inspired to create sculptures from fallen trees, why he decided to exhibit at Kew and how he feels seeing his sculptures in the Gardens.
Ray Townsend with Phyllostachys aureosulcata
24th July 2017

Bamboos – from Victorian curiosity to elephant food

Ray Townsend, Manager of Kew’s Arboretum, shares the story of Kew’s bamboo collection, which he has been working with for nearly 40 years.
Sophie Walwin in Kew's Bamboo Garden
24th July 2017

Caring for Kew’s bamboos

Kew Diploma student Sophie Walwin reveals the challenges and delights of looking after Kew’s Bamboo Garden.
Summer yellows. In front are the flat heads of yellow Achillea ‘Moonshine’ with a towering Verbascum species in the background
21st June 2017

Sensational second season on the Broad Walk

We think the Great Broad Walk Borders are magical and it seems that you agree with us but it isn't entirely by magic that they look that good.
Great Broad Walk Borders
31st May 2017

Thematic borders

The circles in the border design are themed to reflect the botanical and horticultural science at the heart of Kew’s mission.
Aerial view of The Hive
24th May 2017

Real bees drive The Hive experience

The Hive responds to the activity of real bees in a beehive located behind the scenes at Kew. But how does it work?
Bee on yellow flower
24th May 2017

How can you help keep UK bees happy?

Bees in the UK are in decline. Here are a few suggestions to help create an eco-system friendlier to our bee population.
Wildflower meadow
24th May 2017

Why meadows matter

Wild flower meadows are one of the rarest habitats in the UK and we have lost 97% of our wild flower meadows since the 1930s. Losing our wildflowers has a real impact on the food we eat.