9 March 2020

Best things to do at Kew this spring

Enjoy seasonal highlights on your visit to Kew Gardens this spring.

By Ellen McHale

Two yellow daffodils close up

The Gardens have sprung to life with vibrant spring flowers and blooms. 

Get outdoors this season to see our highlights, enjoy beautiful art, and have fun with the whole family at Gruffalo adventures. 

Seasonal superstars 

From crocus to daffodils, the Gardens have exploded with spring colour. 

In the UK, daffodils are sometimes called lent lilies as they often bloom between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

Daffodils are not actually lilies but belong to the genus Narcissus in the Amaryllidaceae family, the same plant family as another spring favourite, snowdrops. 

Crocus in the Gardens
Crocus, Ellen McHale © RBG Kew
Daffodils in spring at Kew
Daffodils in spring at Kew © RBG Kew
Blossoms at Kew
Blossoms at Kew, Ellen McHale © RBG Kew

Take a cherry blossom walk through the Gardens. 

Start at Cherry Walk behind the Palm House and continue through to Asano Avenue (near the Temperate House) to see a selection of varieties, including the delicate pink blossoms of P.Hokusai. 

There are an impressive 161 trees of 63 varieties and species along this stunning route. 

Keep an eye on our Instagram to see when the cherry trees are in bloom. 

Blossom at the Temperate House
Blossom at the Temperate House © RBG Kew

Wander through bluebell woods

The best time to see the bluebells is from mid-April to May. They spend most of the year as bulbs underground and emerge to flower from April onwards.

As many as 20 sweetly-scented, bell-shaped flowers can appear on a single flower stalk, which droops or nods to one side. 

Bees, hoverflies, butterflies and other insects love them and their flowers provide an important early source of nectar. 

For the best display, head to the Natural Area and see what wildlife you can spot whilst you're there.

Or why not head further afield and visit our wild botanic Garden in the heart of Sussex which boasts magnificent bluebell displays.

Bluebells blooming in front of Queen Charlotte's Cottage
Bluebells surrounding Queen Charlotte's Cottage © RBG Kew
Bluebells, Wakehurst
Bluebells, Wakehurst © Jim Holden

Join us for Gruffalo adventures

Get set for an adventure this Easter holiday. Have your face painted to become the little brown mouse, pick up your trail pack and go on a journey through the woodland. 

There will be fun for the whole family as you follow footprints, marks and feathers and figure out clues at stops along the trail.

Animals rely on woodland plants to build their homes. Learn more at our habitat building workshop and have a go at creating a log pile for animals to make their homes in. 

Gruffalo adventures at Kew Gardens
Gruffalo adventures at Kew Gardens , Ines Stuart-Davidson © RBG Kew

See beautiful art 

Explore the beauty and fragility of the natural world at the Paradise Lost exhibition, led by world-renowned artist Jan Hendrix.

Jan was inspired by the landscape of Botany Bay in Australia, which was once a pristine bay teeming with endemic flora and fauna.

The area has since been transformed by human development, with an airport and an oil depot being built on what was once a wildlife paradise. The bay has also been threatened by the recent forest fires. 

Explore Jan's response to this destruction in beautiful artwork created from a variety of materials, including glass and silver leaf. 

The Remains, study for a tapestry, 2019 by Jan Hendrix
The Remains, study for a tapestry, 2019 by Jan Hendrix © Jan Hendrix

Go on a walking tour 

Join our free guided tour and explore Kew as it bursts with spring flowers and bulbs. You'll see highlights in the Woodland GardenDavies Alpine House, and Rock Garden

Enjoy an introductory tour to the Gardens to learn more about our science and conservation work.

See highlights from our living collections, growing in the Gardens and inside the glasshouses, which make up the largest and most diverse collection in the world. 

Blossom in the Woodland Garden
Blossom in the Woodland Garden © RBG Kew

Gruffalo adventures

Go on an adventure in Kew's deep dark wood this Easter.

Gruffalo Adventures

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