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In the Gardens

Get a glimpse behind-the-scenes at Kew, learn a bit more about our cutting-edge science and explore the fascinating world of plants and fungi.
The Arboretum at Kew
21st November 2018

How the Tree Gang brace for storms

Tree Gang leader Kevin Martin reveals the impact big storms have had on Kew’s trees, stormproofing methods and how trees ingeniously protect themselves.
19th November 2018

Connected worlds: 6 surprising relationships between trees, fungi, and animals

Find out how these six trees, animals and fungi rely on each other to survive.
15th November 2018

Hail to kale

Kale comes into its element as soon as the temperature drops. Botanical Horticulturalist Héléna Dove gives us the lowdown on this superstar winter veg.
14th November 2018

The secret lives of badgers at Kew Gardens

Badgers are an iconic part of the British countryside, but how do they affect the ecosystem here at Kew? Journey inside our wild badger setts to find out more.
Remembrance and Hope WW1 bench
8th November 2018

How Kew’s stunning WW1 seat was made

Delve behind the scenes to discover how Kew’s poignant Remembrance and Hope seat commemorating the First World War was created.
7th November 2018

Kew and the fight against extinction

Kew is helping fight extinction. But how do we know what species to fight for? By determining how threatened species are and adding them to the world’s Red List.
Women gardeners at Kew Gardens 1915
2nd November 2018

Kew Gardens in the First World War

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew was much more than a beautiful green space during the First World War. Here are the many – and unexpected – ways the Gardens and staff made a big impact on the war effort.
1st November 2018

Ants and plants: a very natural love story

Ant-plants are an excellent demonstration of how the insect world and the plant world are deeply intertwined. Grace Brewer, Research Assistant at Kew, tells us more about this fascinating relationship.
31st October 2018

6 places to mark WW1 at Kew

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, here are some of Kew's sites of wartime importance.
Christmas at Kew - Palm House
26th October 2018

Lighting up the landscape

Each year Kew brings together light artists from around the globe to create bespoke pieces for Christmas at Kew. We reveal some of the innovative installations on the trail.
Pumpkin in the Kitchen Garden
23rd October 2018

Oh my gourd: spooky pumpkins at Kew

Pumpkins are the ultimate Halloween vegetable, but where do pumpkin traditions come from? Botanical Horticulturalist Héléna Dove explains.
Moth orchid (Phalaenopsis)
22nd October 2018

The illegal trade that threatens our natural world

Plants are under threat from illegal trading, which makes millions of dollars out of their harvesting. Kew has joined forces with the international community to try and reign in the damage.
Enset in the Agri-landscape of South West Ethiopia
19th October 2018

The Kew International Medal: Everything you need to know

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew awards the Kew International Medal to a deserving individual once every year. But what does our medal represent?
26th September 2018

The making of Siyanda

Siyanda, protector of plants, will reveal plant secrets in the Africa zone of the Temperate House. Artist Naomi Oppenheim is the woman behind the puppet, and tells us how she brought Siyanda to life.
Elinor Breman conducting fieldwork training in Vietnam for Crop Wild Relatives project
25th September 2018

Kew and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

17 goals were set by the United Nations in 2015 with the hope to transform the world and lift millions out of poverty. Kew plays a crucial role in the UK's work to fulfil its commitments.
18th September 2018

Hot stuff: a spicy treat in an English Kitchen Garden

The heat is on in the Kitchen Garden this September. Botanical Horticulturalist Helena Dove gives us the lowdown about what makes the fiery little chilli so hot.
A species of Anaeromyces that lives inside bovine guts.
12th September 2018

11 fun-gi facts

Fungi are frankly fantastic. From your daily bread to saving lives, they play a pivotal role in the world. Here are a few surprising facts you didn't know about our fungal friends.
5th September 2018

5 extraordinary plants you wouldn’t expect to find at Kew

From the mysterious to the bizarre, we explore some of Kew’s botanical oddities with Weird Plants book author Chris Thorogood.
29th August 2018

Beautiful murderers: the carnivorous purple pitcher plant

From a Dorset bog to a bed at Kew, these carnivorous purple pitcher plants have been on quite a journey. Horticulturalists Tom Freeth and Rebecca Hilgenhof have given them a new lease of life.
24th August 2018

5 Caribbean plants bringing the tropics to the UK

From prickly cacti to tasty fruit, the Caribbean boasts an amazing variety of plant life. Here are our top picks from Kew’s glasshouses.