Wild Wood

Delight your senses by exploring our new Wild Wood trail with the whole family.

Person walking through a wicker tunnel

Immerse yourself in our new sculpture trail in Pearcelands Wood.

Jump, leap and weave through the hazel coppiced woodland transformed into a historic and inspiring natural gallery of hand-woven structures from oversized chairs to native favorites such as deer and badgers.  

The perfect location to form beautiful relationships with plants, wildlife and us.  

Bird wicker sculpture
Rabbit wicker sculpture

Your expedition starts here

Make your way through Pearcelands Wood, a beautiful 20-acre ancient woodland which is reopening to the public for the first time in three years.

Enjoy the dazzling backdrop of springtime bluebells while your little explorers venture through our Wild Wood.

For the ultimate adventure, don’t miss our Tree Trunk Trek, where you can put your climbing skills to the test.

Introducing the artists

Wild Wood is the result of incredible collaboration between a host of talented artists.

With thanks to  Anna Turnbull, Dom Parrette, Emma Parkin, Iain Parkinson, Juliette Hamilton, Martin Brockman, Ruby Taylor, Sarah Hayes (Twigtwisters), Simon Page, Steven Robinson, Wakehurst Volunteers and  Woody Fox.

Walls made of recycled wood
Wicker fox sculpture

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