Tree Trunk Trek

We've given our champion play space for young adventurers a new look.

Children climbing on wooden climbing frames

In the heart of Coates Wood, our recently refreshed Tree Trunk Trek is the perfect place for imaginative woodland play.

Children of all ages can get to know Wakehurst’s trees on this adventurous log trail as they crawl, climb, jump and balance their way across the course.

Connect with nature and burn off some energy in one of Wakehurst’s most wonderous woodlands.

Tree Trunk Trek at Wakehurst, Visual Air © RBG Kew
A child in a red coat jumps in a forest
Wakehurst's Tree Trunk Trek, James Ratchford © RGB Kew

Eating alfresco

Pack a picnic or stop by one of our cafes for grab-and-go food as the kids run wild, enjoy a bite to eat in the great outdoors at our surrounding picnic site. Find a sheltered glade amongst the trees, creating the perfect base for your little ones to bounce back after hours of exploring.

Your adventure awaits

As you journey on down to Tree Trunk Trek, you will wander through the temperate woodlands of the world. Coates Wood will take you through Australia and New Zealand as you spot eucalyptus, Wollemi pine and southern beech.

Children running through a woodland playground
Tree Trunk Trek at Wakehurst in Autumn, Jim Holden © RBG Kew
Children running through a woodland
Children in Wakehurst's Coates Wood © RBG Kew

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