Westwood Valley

Explore a woodland landscape inspired by the eastern Himalaya.

A wooden bench overlooking a wooded valley

A steep ravine running from the Water Gardens to Westwood Lake, Westwood Valley is home to Wakehurst’s stunning collection of rare rhododendrons.

The area represents the landscape of the eastern Himalaya below the tree-line, with semi-evergreen forests of rhododendrons, limes, magnolias, maples, alders, oaks, birches, rowan and conifers. 

Immerse yourself in this incredible wild landscape, and get lost in nature.

Find the Westwood Valley at marker 20 on our Map of Wakehurst

Woodlands of the world  

Wakehurst’s woodlands contain specimens of temperate trees from all around the world and carpets of wild flowers which provide contrasting colours throughout the year.

Our trees are grouped according to the areas of the world in which they grow naturally. Known as a phytogeographic planting system, it’s an amazing way to travel the world from the heart of Sussex.

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