Rock Walk

Venture along the Rock Walk to witness the sublime beauty of this ancient terrain.

Rock Walk, Wakehurst

The Rock Walk is a magnificent hiking experience, full of looming cliffs, gnarled tree roots, shafts of light and deep shade.  

The geology of this part of the High Weald dates back 140 million years to the Early Cretaceous period.  

It leads visitors along the bottom of a series of low cliffs of Ardingly Sandstone that trace the side of Bloomers Valley. 

Woodlands of the world  

Wakehurst’s woodlands contain specimens of temperate trees from all around the world and carpets of wild flowers which provide contrasting colours throughout the year. Our trees are grouped according to the areas of the world in which they grow naturally. Known as a phytogeographic planting system, it’s an amazing way to travel the world from the heart of Sussex.

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