Escape into a secluded grove of conifers to discover their ancient presence in landscapes across the world.

Tall pine trees in dappled light

Our Pinetum is a large, undulating space with the tall trees framing views of the High Weald landscape beyond. 

Lying a stone's throw from the Winter Garden, this peaceful woodland showcases examples of these primitive plants from all over the world.  

The name ‘pinetum’ is given to a collection of conifers – ours is home to the stately Mexican Pinus engelmanii, Podocarpus  from Australia, and Taiwania and Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria) from Taiwan and Korea.

Find the Pinetum at marker 15 on our Map of Wakehurst

Woodlands of the world  

Wakehurst’s woodlands contain specimens of temperate trees from all around the world and carpets of wild flowers which provide contrasting colours throughout the year. Our trees are grouped according to the areas of the world in which they grow naturally. Known as a phytogeographic planting system, it’s an amazing way to travel the world from the heart of Sussex.

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