Horsebridge Wood

Journey through the rich and varied habitats of North America.

A path leading to a yellow field from a green and dark forest

Look up and the witness the power of these ancient giants.

Horsebridge Wood is dedicated to the drama of the North American landscape.

The  east coast region is dominated by deciduous trees, with species such as sweet gum (Liquidambar styraciflua) and hickory (Carya tomentosa). 

Further into the wood, the vegetation changes to coniferous woodland and the plants  of the Californian region.  If you continue, you’ll reach the  Pacific coastal conifer forest, shaded by stately redwoods, hemlocks and Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii).

Look out for the baby redwood, raised from seed from the General Grant tree in California.

Find Horsebridge Wood at marker 22 on our Map of Wakehurst

Woodlands of the world

Wakehurst’s woodlands contain specimens of temperate trees from all around the world and carpets of wildflowers which provide contrasting colours throughout the year. Our trees are grouped according to the areas of the world in which they grow naturally. Known as a phytogeographic planting system, it’s an amazing way to travel the world from the heart of Sussex.

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