Dr Tim Fulcher

Lab Based Collections Manager


My role at RBG Kew in the Science Directorate as Lab-Based Collections Manager involves overseeing the lab-based collections team of curators and volunteers with responsibility for the most biodiverse plant DNA and Tissue Bank in the world, the Population Bank, the microscope slide collections, together with the associated databases and digital collections, and the Plant Genome Size Database. I am also jointly responsible for the Collections department web pages. The DNA and Tissue Bank has recently become a member of Global Genome Biodiversity Network for which I am the main contact point. I have also become involved in Synsthesys.

Working in the Collections Department means I am involved in coordinating access to the lab-based collections for members of the other Science Directorate teams.

  • PhD, NIMR Mill Hill, 1994
  • Postdoctoral position, 1994-1999, Sheffield University

Williams, N. H., Chase, M. W., Fulcher, T.K., & Whitten, W. M. (2001).

Molecular systematics of the Oncidiinae based on evidence from four DNA sequence regions: expanded circumscriptions of Cyrtochilum, Erycina, Otoglossum, and Trichocentrum and a new genus (Orchidaceae).

Lindleyana 16: 113-139.