Science Collections

Our collections help us to document plant and fungal diversity through time and space, and provide evidence used to address global challenges.

Researcher looking at table of specimens

Head of collections: Dr Alan Paton

The strength and breadth of our collections provide an unparalleled opportunity to understand plant and fungal diversity and to carry out research to support our scientific vision.

Our collections and expertise are at the heart of the science carried out both here and in institutions across the globe.

Thus, we are developing the collections to support the science foci of this strategy, while also maintaining the global representation of plant and fungal diversity necessary to document large-scale patterns of diversity and change, and to respond to future challenges. 


Preserved Collections

Preserved collections manager
Elizabeth Woodgyer

Collection managers
Lauren Phelan

Fungarium collections curators
Shaheenara Chowdhury
Lee Davies

Herbarium collections assistants
Kathryn Teo
Sheila Main

Specimen preparers
Paul Cockburn
David Grogan
Jenny Heath
Maggie Jones

Seed and Lab-Based Collections

Senior Research Leader
Dr John Dickie

Research Fellow
Dr Si-Chong Chen

Seed collections managers
Nicola Mills
Sarah Gattiker

Seed collections assistants
Lucy Taylor
Vicky Philpott
David Hickmott
Sarah Adams
Sian McCabe
Anna Pajdo
Frances Stanley

Seed banking botanists
Daniel Cahen
Beverley Holt

Germination specialist
Rachael Davies

Germination assistant
Kirstine Manger

Lab-based collections manager
Dr Tim Fulcher

Lab-based collections assistants
Silvia Cera
Imalka Kahandawala


Herbarium curation manager
Nina Davies

Senior curator botanists
Aurélie Grall
Sue Zmartzy
Anna Haigh
Marie Briggs
Sally Dawson

Curator botanists
Maria Alvares Aguirre
Martin Xanthos
Saba Rokni
Sara Edwards
Nicola Biggs
Sue Frisby
Clare Drinkell
Renata Borosova
Lesley Walsingham
Alison Moore
Laura Pearce