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Seed germination ecology, population genetics

My research focuses on understanding plant ecology of tropical crop wild relatives. In particular I am researching reproductive processes including seed germination ecology and gene-flow between generations of banana wild relatives in tropical rain forests. My aim is to conserve and improve use of genetic resources. 

  • 2013-2017 UK National Tree Seed Project Officer, Conservation Science department
  • MSc, Conservation and Forest Protection, Imperial College London, 2011
  • BA, Fine Art, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, 2000

Gargiulo, R., Saubin, M., Rizzuto, G., West, B., Fay, M.F., Kallow, S., & Trivedi, C. (2019).

Genetic Diversity in British Populations of Taxus Baccata L.: Is the Seedbank Collection Representative of the Genetic Variation in the Wild? 

Biological Conservation 233: 289-97.

Borrell, J.S et al. (2019).

Enset in Ethiopia: A Poorly Characterized but Resilient Starch Staple.

 Annals of Botany 123.5 : 747-66.


Suz, L.M, Kallow, S., Reed, K., Bidartondo, M.I. & Barsoum, N. (2017).

Pine Mycorrhizal Communities in Pure and Mixed Pine-oak Forests: Abiotic Environment Trumps Neighboring Oak Host Effects.

Forest Ecology and Management 406: 370-80.

Kallow, S. & Trivedi, C. (2017)

Collecting genetic variation on a small island.

In: Sniezko, R.A., Man, G., Hipkins, V., Woeste, K., Gwaze, D., Kliejunas, J.T. & McTeague, B.A. tech. cords. 2017. Gene conservation of tree species—banking on the future. Proceedings of a workshop. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-963. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station: 129-136 

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