Sarah Gattiker

Seed Processing Manager


Processing and curation of seed bank collections

Job share (with Nicola Mills) in managing and supporting a team of Seed Conservation Assistants in processing and the curation of seed collections. This includes accessioning data on to Seed Bank Database, cleaning, x-raying, determination of seed numbers, banking, germination testing, herbarium specimen dispatch and seed harvesting. Carrying out initial assessments on incoming seed collections and providing feedback to partners. Training visitors, volunteers and new staff, demonstrating the facilities when required, and liaising with and provision of information for members of the public, staff, other institutions and conservation bodies. Assisting in teaching training courses and participating in field trips as appropriate. Assist with seed distribution from the Seed Collections online list. In addition, research into dormancy issues in the families Caryophyllaceae, Scrophulariaceae and Boraginaceae are investigated.

I am also a STEM Ambassador in schools, and assist with Kew events as appropriate.

  • BSc (Hons) Biological Science, Univ. Brighton, 2001

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