Marie Briggs



I curate and identify specimens in the herbarium from Asia and Europe, maintaining and improving the current collections and incorporating new accessions with the aim of supporting Kew’s world class scientific research. I deal with a breadth of families from across both regions but I have a particular interest in the flora of SE Asia and New Guinea specifically, especially the family Rubiaceae and the genus Saurauia (Actinidiaceae). I teach on Kew-run courses such as the ‘Tropical Plant Identification’ and ‘Applied Plant Taxonomy, Identification and Field Survey Skills’ courses and support other departments in delivering science content to the public visiting the garden.

  • BSc (Hons) Tropical Environmental Science, Univ. Aberdeen, 2000
  • MSc The Taxonomy and Biodiversity of Plants, Univ. Edinburgh / Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2004

Briggs, M. (2014).

Anacardiaceae, Burseraceae, Meliaceae, Rutaceae, Sapindaceae and Simaroubaceae.

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