Dr Eve J Lucas

Research Leader


Accelerated Taxonomy


Integrated Monography


Myrtaceae systematics, evolution, ecology, conservation, tropical forests

I am a botanical researcher in the Comparative Plant and Fungal Systematics team. My research is focused on the taxonomy, systematics, evolutionary biology and conservation of Myrtaceae, particularly the fleshy fruited tribes Myrteae and Syzygieae. I am also interested in tropical rainforest evolution in particular in the Atlantic Forests of Eastern South America and on the large genus Myrcia.

My research is based on molecular and morphological systematics, biogeographical analysis, preparation of monographs, regional revisions and a global checklist. The research forms part of an integrated approach to Myrtaceae systematics at Kew and also includes studies on phenology, anatomy and reproductive biology.

  • BSc (Hons), University of London, 1995
  • MSc, University of Reading, 2000
  • PhD, Open University, 2007
  • Editorial Committee, Flora of the Guianas

Mazine, F. F., Souza, V. C., Sobral, M., Forest, F. & Lucas, E. (2014).

A preliminary phylogenetic analysis of Eugenia (Myrtaceae: Myrteae), with a focus on Neotropical species.

Kew Bulletin 69: 94-97.

Lucas, E. J., Matsumoto, K., Harris, S. J., Nic Lughadha, E. M., Bernardini, B. & Chase, M.W. (2011)

Phylogenetics, Morphology, and evolution of the large genus Myrcia s.l. (Myrtaceae)

International Journal of Plant Sciences 172: 915. 

Lucas, E. J. & Sobral, M. (2011).

Proposal to conserve Myrcia DC. ex Guillaumin over Calyptranthes Swartz.

Taxon 60: 605.

Murray-Smith, C., Brummitt, N. A., Oliveira-Filho A. T., Bachman, S., Nic Lughadha, E. M., Moat, J. & Lucas, E. J. (2009)

Plant Diversity Hotspots in the Atlantic Coastal Forests of Brazil.

Conservation Biology 23: 151–163.

Lucas, E. J., Harris, S. A., Mazine, F. F., Belsham, S. R., Nic Lughadha, E. M., Telford, A., Gasson, P. E. & Chase, M. W. (2007).

Suprageneric phylogenetics of Myrteae, the generically richest tribe in Myrtaceae (Myrtales).

Taxon 56: 1105–1128. 

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