Integrated Monography

We study the taxonomy, classification and evolution of economically and ecologically important plants.

Researcher looking at Aloes on the rocks outside of Kew's Alpine House

Team lead: Dr Isabel Larridon

Conducting fundamental research on the classification and evolution of plants.

The Integrated Monography team studies taxonomy, classication and evolution of the most economically and ecologically important groups of plants, such as the aloe, grass, sedge, legume, myrtle, orchid and palm families. These include the relatives of food crops such as wheat, rice, soy, oil palm and coconut, timbers such as eucalypts and rosewoods, and natural products such as Aloe vera.

We discover and describe species on a global scale, uncovering their evolutionary relationships. Our methods combine plant taxonomic expertise with -omics technologies to complete the tree of life for focal plant groups and unlock fundamental biodiversity knowledge for the broadest audiences.

Our collections, which have been developed and refined by generations of experts, are the cornerstone of our research. They have enabled us to develop unrivalled expertise in our focal groups and collaborative partnerships across the world.

Team members

Senior research leader
Dr Isabel Larridon

Research leaders
Dr Eve Lucas
Dr Gwilym Lewis
Dr Bat Vorontsova
Dr Oscar Alejandro Pérez Escobar

Future leader fellows
Dr Ai-Qun Hu
Dr Alexandre Zuntini
Dr Benedikt Kuhnhäuser

Post-doctoral research assistant
Dr Natalia Przelomska

Research Assistant
Lorna McKinnon

Honorary research associates
Dr Derek Clayton
Dr Tom Cope
Dr Soejatmi Dransfield
Dr John Michael Lock 
Dr Brian Schrire 
Dr Roger Polhill
Dr Steve Renvoize

PhD students
Jed Arno
Watchara Arthan
George Burton
Kelda Elliott
Thiago Fernandes
Sebastian Hatt
Marcelo Kubo
Juliene Maciel da Silva 
Lizo Masters
Jérémie Morel
Millicent Oulo
Luciana Pereira da Silva
Landy Rajaovelona
Fitiavana Rasaminirina
Karinne Valdermarin