Kew's Science Strategy

Our mission is to understand and protect​ plants and fungi for the​ well-being of people and​ the future of all life on Earth​.

Deforested land with smoke and a small digger with a small area of green forest

Life on Earth is in peril.

Never before have so many challenges manifested themselves so clearly and intensively.

The Kew Science Strategy 2021 – 2025 outlines an ambitious plan to help stop biodiversity loss and discover sustainable nature-based solutions to some of the biggest global challenges.

Strategic Priorities

Our structure, research and resources align to five Scientific Priorities, to help us achieve transformative change and maximum positive impact. These are:

  • Priority 1: Ecosystem Stewardship
  • Priority 2: Trait Diversity and Function
  • Priority 3: Digital Revolution
  • Priority 4: Accelerated Taxonomy
  • Priority 5: Enhanced Partnerships

Within each Priority, we will innovate (research and explore), inspire (motivate, train and educate) and influence (engage externally) to achieve our goals.

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