Our future is botanic

Help us protect plants today, because they are our future.

If plant life stops, all life stops.

But at Kew, we're not going to let that happen. We've only just scratched the surface of what plants and fungi can do.

Now it's time to protect them and fight against biodiversity loss to ensure the future of food, medicine and clean air. 

Realising our future

Take a deep dive into our stories below to explore the power of plants and fungi in helping to uncover a better tomorrow.  

Close up of underside of toadstall with gills

Farms are filled with fungi, not fish

From sourdough to medicine, find out how fungi make our everyday lives possible.

Close up of a leaf with midrib

The false banana is feeding millions

Discover enset, a remarkable banana relative that provides the staple food for 20 million people in Ethiopia.

Close up of wide green leaves

Pond weeds are powering homes

Find out how one of the most invasive plants in the world, the water hyacinth, could be used to produce cleaner energy for millions of people.

Close up of roots in soil

More carbon is captured by soil

Kew scientists are measuring how much carbon is stored underground at our living laboratory at Wakehurst.

Close up of hand banking seeds at the Seeds banked at the Millenium Seed Bank

Banks are filled with seeds

Our scientists and partners at the Millennium Seed Bank are helping to future-proof our planet.

Close up of a delicate pink flower with water droplets on petals

Flowers are fighting cancer

Plants produce complex and diverse chemicals to survive — many of these chemicals have revolutionised drug discovery, saving human lives too.

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