Our future is botanic

Help us protect plants today, because they are our future.

If plant life stops, all life stops.

But at Kew, we're not going to let that happen. We've only just scratched the surface of what plants and fungi can do.

Now it's time to protect them and fight against biodiversity loss to ensure the future of food, medicine and clean air. 


Take a deep dive into our stories below to explore the power of plants and fungi in sustaining life on Earth.  

This is Kew

  • Kew scientist in coat holding jar of seeds

    How we are future-proofing the planet

    Find out 4 ways Kew is helping to tackle climate change.

  • Illegal deforestation in Madagascar

    Our fight against biodiversity loss

    From fungi to forests, biodiversity is one of our greatest assets to be protected.

  • Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst

    What is the Millennium Seed Bank?

    Here's our handy list of 20 facts and figures about the world’s largest wild plant seed bank.

This is food

  • Carrots fresh out of the dirt

    Seed banking could protect your roast

    Our scientists from the Millennium Seed Bank are protecting the stars of your Sunday roast.

  • Pandanus (Pandanus tectorius) fruit ripe and red

    5 foods of the future

    Supermarket shelves in years to come may look very different.

  • Plants growing in a neat pattern by huts on a hillside.

    Ethiopia’s tree against hunger

    Discover enset, a remarkable relative of the banana that feeds 20 million people in Ethiopia.

This is medicine

  • Yellow flowers of Skytanthus acutus

    Finding new treatments for malaria

    Combining traditional plant knowledge with the Tree of Life could help us discover new medicines.

  • Green ball oozing sap

    Into the wild: Plant drug discovery

    The intrepid search for plant medicines in some of the most remote places on the planet.

  • Pink flowers

    The cancer-killing champion of the plant world

    Discover the spectacular Madagascar periwinkle and its amazing cancer-fighting properties.

This is clean air

  • Yellow lichen growing

    Stuck in time: London’s lichens

    Our cities are undergoing a green revolution but are we moving too fast for some species?

  • London skyline with buildings and trees

    Amazing ways trees help our cities

    From cleaning the air to boosting flood protection, trees are essential to urban resilience.

  • Forest from above

    10 golden rules for restoring forests

    Learn how reforestation can tackle the climate and biodiversity crises.

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