Individual teacher training

Find out more about our individual teacher training days at Kew Gardens.

View of species from the dry tropics in the Princess of Wales Conservatory

Meet and learn with other teachers in your field on our Primary and Secondary teacher training days.

Learn how science capital and outdoor learning can enhance your Primary and Secondary teaching, and take a subject masterclass in climate change and plant evolution/biodiversity.


  • Primary: 8 and 15 March 2023
  • Secondary: 19 and 20 July 2023

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Kew Gardens. Meet in the courtyard at the left-hand side of The Botanical restaurant, which is opposite the Palm House.


We are pleased to announce that our 2023 individual teacher training days are funded and so there will be no charge for these sessions.


Please note, our primary teacher training dates are now fully booked, and places on our secondary teacher training dates are limited.

If you are interested in booking a place on one of our individual teacher training days, then please contact and we will let you know if places become available.


Training day activities

  • Pupils on a school visit at Wakehurst

    Primary or secondary: Science capital

    The more science-related experiences someone gains during their life, the more confident they are in engaging with and participating in science. Discover how to include science capital in your lessons to inspire pupils to see science as relevant to their lives.

  • Pupil looking at a plant on a school session

    Primary or secondary: Learning outside the classroom – Useful plants

    Step into the shoes of a pupil and take part in an outdoor learning activity investigating how we use plants from the rainforest. Gain useful techniques for teaching outdoors and get to grips with managing groups outside the classroom.

  • Madagascar forest

    Primary or secondary: Climate change masterclass

    The Earth’s climate is changing rapidly, leading to potentially devastating consequences for people and our planet. Gain inspiration and confidence in teaching this complex issue and​ discover how Kew is helping to reduce and manage the impacts of climate change to plants.

  • Primary only: Evolution masterclass

    Plants have existed on the planet for about 500 million years and in that time have evolved countless different forms. Explore the timeline of evolution for plants and some of the amazing adaptations plants have for survival, gaining ideas for teaching this subject back in the classroom.

  • A colourful wildflower meadow

    Secondary only: Biodiversity masterclass

    Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth, but it is under threat. Take part in a 'bioblitz' and see how biodiverse Kew Gardens is, brushing up on your fieldwork and plant identification skills along the way. Explore threats to biodiversity and ways to protect our green planet.

Succulent, Rock Garden, Ellen McHale/RBG Kew

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