A collection of temperate woody plants comprising 100 ha of botanical plantings and 30 ha of seminatural woodland.

A view up a tree of the autumn leaf canopy

Location: Southern two-thirds of the Kew site, encompassing the lake environs, Bamboo Garden and Rhododendron Dell, Berberis Dell, Pagoda, Pinetum and surroundings of the Temperate House. Also includes the original 1759 botanic garden at the north end of Kew

Tree Taxa: 2,153 Accessions: 10,917   Wild-sourced: 26%

Shrub Taxa: 3,526   Accessions: 8,254  Wild-sourced: 39%

Geographic strengths: Temperate Far East (especially Central and Western China), South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe (including the Mediterranean), North America, Vietnam and the Caucasus

Taxonomic strengths: Betulaceae, Caprifoliaceae, Celastraceae, Cupressaceae, Fagaceae, Magnoliaceae, Oleaceae, Pinaceae, woody Poaceae (bamboos), Rosaceae and Sapindaceae

Notable specimens: Fraxinus americana (Central & Eastern USA), Juniperus bermudiana (Bermuda) and Paulownia kawakamii (Taiwan) – all Critically Endangered.