Kew Gardens has one of the most diverse collections of living plants of any botanic garden in the world.

Callistemon citrinus,  the bottlebrush plant

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  • Nodding, white flowers of the common snowdrop

    Common snowdrop

    Common snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are among the first spring blooms, decorating woodlands, meadows, and gardens with a carpet of white.

  • Open pomegranate (Punica granatum) fruit that is spherical and red with deep red tissue surrounding seeds


    Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is the crown jewel of the fruit world, associated with different cultures and civilizations worldwide.

  • Turmeric rhizomes in Kew’s Economic Botany Collection


    For thousands of years, turmeric (Curcuma longa) has played a key role in many dishes, medicinal remedies, and cultural practices.

From the tropics to the treetops

A world-famous living plant collection

Our magnificent scientific collection contains plants from tropical, temperate, arid and alpine climates. Our expert horticulturalists grow them both in our gardens and in controlled conditions within glasshouses and nurseries.

What is a living plant collection?

A living collection is what sets a botanic garden apart from a park or public garden. 

It is a group of plants grown especially for research, conservation, education purposes or ornamental display.

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The collections at Kew

  • Pulsatilla, pasqueflower

    Alpine and Rock Garden Collection

    A collection of plants from the alpine and rocky regions of the world.

  • Waterlily

    Aquatic Collection

    A collection of waterlilies, lotuses and other aquatic and marginal plants.

  • The Arboretum


    A collection of temperate woody plants comprising 100 ha of botanical plantings and 30 ha of seminatural woodland.

  • Cacti in the Princess of Wales Conservatory

    Arid Collection

    A collection of plants adapted to arid environments.

  • Titan arum or Amorphophallus

    Aroid Collection

    A collection of species of Araceae, a widespread tropical family also found in north temperate regions.

  • Bonsai

    Bonsai Collection

    A collection of deciduous and coniferous temperate woody trees and shrubs cultivated by the Bonsai Japanese art form.

  • Bromeliad - Neoregelia

    Bromeliad Collection

    A collection of species of Bromeliaceae from humid tropical rainforests and arid regions.

  • Modified, tubular leaves with hooded open lids of the purple pitcher plant

    Carnivorous Plant Collection

    A collection of plants that display carnivory, including five of the largest carnivorous genera.

  • Three cones surrounded by leaves

    Cycad Collection

    A collection of 83 cycad species from two of the three extant cycad families: Cycadaceae and Zamiaceae.

  • Ferns in the Princess of Wales Conservatory

    Fern Collection

    A collection of tropical and temperate ferns and lycopods.

  • Close up of grass

    Grass Collection

    A collection of annual and tropical grasses and cereals.

  • Hibiscus fragilis

    Island Flora Collection

    A collection of species from island floras of key interest to Kew.

  • Pink flowers in the Mediterranean Garden

    Mediterranean Garden Collection

    A collection of plants from the Mediterranean Basin biodiversity hotspot.

  • A large white, yellow and purple orchid flower

    Orchid Collection

    A collection of tropical, sub-tropical and temperate Orchidaceae.

  • Palm trees in the glasshouse

    Palm Collection

    A collection of tropical, sub-tropical and temperate Arecaceae.

  • Giant white fawn lily in the Woodland Garden

    Temperate Herbaceous Collection

    A collection of temperate, hardy, non-woody plants with some sub-shrubs.

  • Erica verticillate, whorl heath

    Tender Temperate Collection

    A collection of frost sensitive temperate plant taxa, ranging from small herbaceous plants to woody trees.

  • Justicia Consanguinea

    Tropical Herbaceous Collection

    A collection of herbaceous species from the main tropical plant families of the world.

  • Passiflora arborea, RBG Kew

    Tropical Woody and Climbers Collection

    A collection of woody plants and climbers from every tropical region in the world.