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Surviving or Thriving: An exhibition on plants and us

A specially-curated exhibition about the state of the world’s plants and what this means for us, based on our pioneering annual science reports. Daily from 22 March 2019.

Event details

Daily from 22 March 2019, 10am to 5pm

Millennium Seed Bank Atrium, Wakehurst


Included with garden entry

Explore the state of the world's plants

Gain a fascinating insight into the current state of the world’s plants, how this impacts on us and what we anticipate the future will hold, at our exciting new exhibition. 

Which plants are likely to survive, and which are likely to struggle? How will we adapt our lives around this? And, most importantly, what can we do to help protect and preserve our most precious plant resources?

Based on global research, literature, and the work of Kew scientists for our State of the World’s Plants 2016/2017 reports, the exhibition will bring many captivating scenarios to life in this amazing space at the heart of the Millennium Seed Bank.

Inside the exhibition

A 2050 garden display will show what a Sussex garden of this future year may look like, and which plants will have adapted to survive in a changing climate; with longer roots, high water efficiency and smaller leaves.

Included is a fantastic sculptural display of five 3D trees, oak, Vietnamese cypress, ash, monkey puzzle, Chichibu birch, all of which are facing challenges in today’s world. Hands-on activities will teach you about the day-to-day issues they face.

Stories of individual plants and projects will be showcased, along with objects and images, that reflect the state of the world's plants.

You will begin to understand the critical importance of plant research and the challenge of widening our diets so we are not reliant on just a handful of crops on our dinner plates.

Plant-based medicines are crucial for so many of us to combat disease and help us live pain-free lives. Here you can find out about research into many useful common plants and herbs.

In the gardens

Five Discovery Seats will be interspersed in the beautiful Wakehurst landscape, sited beside five trees facing specific challenges. 

This outside visualisation of the five trees which you will have seen in the exhibition, oak, Vietnamese cypress, ash, monkey puzzle and Chichibu birch, will make you appreciate what may be lost.

Admission to the Surviving or Thriving exhibition is included with entry to Wakehurst.

State of the World's Plants
State of the World's Plants