Winter Garden

The Winter Garden is full of sensory delight and the perfect place to lift the spirits on a cold winter’s day

Path through a wintery heathland

Wakehurst's Winter Garden weaves 33,000 plants into a bold contemporary composition.

Mature Himalayan silver birch trees (Betula utilis var. jacquemontianii), are the centre of attention. The dramatic pure white trunks rise resplendent to the sky and are interspersed with the coppery gleam of the Tibetan cherry (Prunus serrula tibetica).

Purple Cyclamen and white snowdrops (Galanthus) add a dazzling pop of colour to the garden. Swathes of the beautiful flowers make a colourful carpet alongside the twisting garden path.

Wandering into the Winter Garden, you might smell the delicious perfume of the witch hazel (Hamamelis) before you see its vibrant yellow flowers and dainty ribbon-like petals.

The Winter Garden is the perfect place to lose yourself amongst the shimmering bark, soft foliage and rich scents. You can rest on the contemporary carved seat and feel cocooned as you look up at the winter sky.

The all-weather path twists and turns throughout the garden, adding to the feeling of discovery – you don’t quite know what you will see around the next corner!

Find the Winter Garden at point 9 on our map

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