Coates Wood Collection

A collection of southern hemisphere trees.

Eucalyptus in Coates Wood, Wakehurst, Ellen McHale

Location:  Coates Wood, a woodland plateau on the eastern boundary overlooking Bloomers Valley

Taxa: 115  Accessions: 833  Wild-sourced: 67%

Geographic strengths: South America and Australasia, particularly Chile, Argentina and Tasmania

Taxonomic strengths: Araucaria, Prumnopitys, Pilgerodendron, Austrocedrus, Eucalyptus, Wollemia, Eucryphia, Athrotaxis, Nothofagus and Podocarpus; over 60 species in Coates wood are on the IUCN Red List and some have been stored in the Millennium Seed Bank

Notable specimens: Over 70 wild-sourced Araucaria araucana specimens collected from their last coastal distribution in Chile; Eucalyptus morrisbyi, a rare and endangered tree endemic to south-eastern Tasmania; and 30 Wollemia nobilis specimens planted in a grove