Colour plates from Curtis's Botanical Magazine

Curtis's Botanical Magazine

Curtis’s Botanical Magazine provides an international forum of particular interest to botanists and horticulturists, plant ecologists and those with a special interest in botanical illustration.


Now well over 200 years old, the Magazine is the longest running botanical periodical featuring colour illustrations of plants. Each four-part volume contains 24 plant portraits reproduced from watercolour originals by leading international botanical artists. Detailed but accessible articles combine horticultural and botanical information, history, conservation and economic uses of the plants described.

Editor: Martyn Rix

Curtis's Botanical Magazine has been published continuously since 1787, although there have been several series within the overall sequence. From 1984 to 1994 the magazine appeared under the title of The Kew Magazine. In 1995 the publication returned to its roots and the historical and popular name Curtis's Botanical Magazine again took precedence.

Published for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew by Wiley-Blackwell Publishing
Print ISSN: 1355-4905
Online ISSN: 1467-8748
Frequency: Quarterly

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