William Milliken

Research Leader, Diversity and Livelihoods


Job title: 
Research Leader, Diversity and Livelihoods
Natural Capital and Plant Health
Foreign languages: 
Portuguese (fluent), Spanish (working), French (working)


My role is the development and leadership of a research programme focused on the application of plant and fungal science to human livelihoods and climate change adaptation, including health, food security and the restoration of natural capital. 


Qualifications and appointments: 
  • MA, Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge, 1985
  • PhD, University of Cambridge, 1999


Selected publications: 

Ter Steege, H. et al. (incl. W. Milliken) (2013). Hyperdominance in the Amazonian tree flora. Science 342. DOI: 10.1126/science.1243092. Available online

Pareyn, F., Milliken, W., Baracat, A., Gariglio, M.A., Santos, E.M., Galindo, R.C.A.P., Gasson P., Gallindo, F.A.T. & Hassett, D.M. (2013). Cuidando da Caatinga. Associação Plantas do Nordeste (APNE) & Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Barlow, J., Ewers, R. M., Anderson L., Aragao, L. E. O. C., Baker, T., Boyd E., Feldpausch T., Gloor E., Hall A., Malhi Y., Milliken, W., Mulligan M., Parry L., Pennington, R. T., Peres C. A., Phillips O., Roman-Cuesta R. M., Tobias J. & Gardner T. A. (2011). Using learning networks to understand complex systems: a case study of biological, geophysical and social research in the Amazon. Biological Reviews. 86: 457 – 474. Available online

Milliken, W., Zappi D., Sasaki D., Hopkins M. & Pennington, R. T. (2011). Amazon vegetation: how much don’t we know and how much does it matter? Kew Bulletin 65(4): 691 – 709. Available online

Whaley, O. Q, Beresford-Jones, D. G. Milliken, W., Orellana, A., Smyk, A. & Leguia, J. (2011). An ecosystem approach to restoration and sustainable management of dry forest in Southern Peru. Kew Bulletin 65(4): 613-641. An ecosystem approach to restoration and sustainable management of dry forest in southern Peru