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Systematics, taxonomy and evolution of the nettle family, Urticaceae

Building a new classification and discovering the drivers of diversification at the generic and species level.

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Objectives and outputs

The Urticaceae comprise 50 genera and about 2,500 species of herbs, shrubs and trees. Controversy exists over the inclusion of the Cecropiaceae. Current research is delivering a revised classification and linear sequence which will be used to test hypotheses about the drivers of diversification, in particular with respect to wind-polination and karst.


  • New classification and linear sequence of the Urticaceae.
  • Flora of Cuba Urticaceae treatment.
  • Flora of Thailand Urticaceae treatment.
  • Role of karst in driving Urticaceae species richness.
  • The role of female flora morphology in Urticaceae diversification.


  • Classification and linear sequence of the Urticacea published.
  • Dated ultrametric phylogeny established.
  • Flora of Cuba taxonomic treatment for the Urticaeae.
  • Phylogeny and revised classification of Elatostema sensu latu.
  • Establishment of Urticaceae floral diagrams.

Partners and collaborators


Guangxi Institute of Botany-Guilin Botanical Garden

Natural History Museum of Denmark-University of Copenhagen

Normal University of Taiwan

Universidade do Centro-Oeste, Brazil

National Botanic Garden of Cuba


Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh


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