Dr Tiziana A Cossu

Senior Data Manager and Content Editor Useful Plants and Fungi of Colombia


Digital Revolution

Coordination and support to the UPFC participants before and during the collection of the data, helping to establish formats and data structure. Integration of data sets captured by UPFC participants and the creation and management of the Use Data Repository database. Constant liase with UPFC developers involved in the creation of a Data Management Tool dedicated to store and manage use records. Collaboration in the creation of the catalogues of Colombian Useful Plants and Colombian Fungi. Actively involved in the launch of ColFungi portal and support of ColPlantA online portal.

  • PhD, Univ. Sassari, 2014
  • Master, Univ. La Sapienza Rome, 2008
  • MSc, Univ. Sassari, 2006
  • BA (Hons), Univ. Sassari, 2004

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