Silvia Bacci

Research Assistant (Information and Communication LATAM)

Kew researcher Silvia Bacci

Ecosystem Stewardship


Sustainable Use, Seeds and Solutions


Seed Biology and Plant Conservation

My background is in Natural Sciences, with an MSc in Conservation Biology, specialized in Plant Conservation and Seed Ecology. I also studied to obtain the RHS Level 3 Horticulture Certificate.

In 2022 I was assigned a 1-year scholarship with which I spent six months in Mexico to contribute to one of Kew projects in Latin America (SUSS Team based at Wakehurst Place).

I am passionate about ethnobotany, plant ecology, scientific dissemination & environmental education.
I have lived in different countries due to different projects, hence I fluently speak five languages.

  • MSc Conservation Biology - University of Pisa, 2021
  • BSc in Natural Sciences - University of Pisa, 2017

Pinzani L, Bacci S, Olivieri F, Bedini G, Carta A (2021)

Comparative seed morphology in related high-mountain species of the genus Aquilegia (Ranunculaceae)

Atti Soc. Tosc. Sci. Nat., Mem., Serie B, 128 

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