Rowena Hill

PhD Student

Rowena Hill

Trait Diversity and Function


Comparative Fungal Biology


Ascomycota, fungal endophytes, phylogenomics, ancestral state reconstruction.

I am interested in the diversity and evolution of fungi and plant-fungal interactions. My PhD is focusing on the evolution of fungal endophytes within the Ascomycota in order to answer questions about what makes one fungus a mutualist and another a pathogen.

I am a London NERC DTP student at Kew and Queen Mary University of London.

BSc Biological Sciences, University of Exeter, 2016

Studholme, D.J., Panda, P., Sanfuentes Von Stowasser, E., González, M., Hill, R., Sambles, C., Grant, M., Williams, N. M. & McDougal, R. L. (2019)

Genome sequencing of oomycete isolates from Chile supports the New Zealand origin of Phytophthora kernoviae and makes available the first Nothophytophthora sp. genome.

Molecular Plant Pathology 20:423-431. 

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Rowena Hill