Dr Paul F Cannon

Senior Research Leader

Biography Plus

Our group has a focus on description, conservation and e-taxonomy of fungi, primarily from the UK. The fungi of our nation are immensely diverse, and despite 250-odd years of scientific study, dozens of new species are discovered each year. My own specialism is in leaf-inhabiting Ascomycota, a group of mainly micro-fungi that includes lichens and many plant parasites. I also have a particular interest in imaging of fungi.

Our current major conservation activity is the Lost & Found Fungi project, which supports the UK volunteer science community to carry out targeted searches for fungi that have rarely been recorded and may well be threatened.

Qualifications and appointments Plus
  • BSc (Hons Botany), University of Reading, 1977
  • PhD, University of Reading, 1981
  • Bulletin Editor, British Lichen Society
  • Member of Council, British Mycological Society
Selected publications Plus

Cannon, P. F., Damm, U., Johnston, P. R. & Weir, B. S. (2012)

Colletotrichum – current status and future directions

Studies in Mycology 73: 181-213. Available online

Cannon, P. F., Buddie, A. G., Bridge, P. D., Lopez Castano, J., Neergard, E. de, Lübeck, M. & Askar, M. (2012)

Lectera, a new genus of the Plectosphaerellaceae for the legume pathogen Volutella colletotrichoides

Mycokeys 3: 23–36. Available online

Cannon, P. F., Hywel-Jones, N. L., Maczey, N., Norbu, L., Tshitila, Samdup, T. & Lhendup, P. (2009)

Steps towards sustainable harvest of Ophiocordyceps sinensis in Bhutan

Biodiversity and Conservation 18: 2263-2281. Available online

Kirk, P. M., Cannon, P. F., Minter, D. W. & Stalpers, J. A. (eds) (2008)

Ainsworth & Bisby’s Dictionary of the Fungi edn 10

771 pp. Wallingford, UK: CABI

Cannon, P. F. & Kirk, P. M. (2007)

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CABI, 460 pp

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