Marie-Hélène Weech

Digital Collections Assistant


The main part of my role as Global Plants Initiative (GPI) Digital Collections Unit Operations Officer is to increase the accessibility of the herbarium specimen digital collections through data cleaning and data imports of specimen records to the Herbarium Catalogue, as well as through supporting the management of herbarium digitisation projects including the recently completed effort to digitise the East India Company Herbarium Collection at Kew. I also train and support staff, visitors and volunteers in digitisation techniques. I respond to enquiries relating to the Herbarium Catalogue and external requests for data and images. I also improve the quality of Kew specimen records and images in response to feedback we receive on our herbarium digital collections, currently accessible through the online Herbarium Catalogue, as well as other international portals including GBIF, JSTOR Global Plants and Europeana.

  • B.Sc. Agricultural and Environmental Science, Major in Botanical Science

Weech, M-H., Chapleau, M., Pan, L., Ide, C. & Bede, J.C. (2008)

Caterpillar saliva interferes with induced Arabidopsis thaliana defense responses via the systemic acquired resistance pathway.

Journal of Experimental Botany 59(9): 2437–2448. 

Weech, M-H. (2007)

“D’où provient l’huile? Les huiles chez les plantes”

Quatre-temps (Publication Les Amis du Jardin botanique de Montréal, décembre 2007) Volume 31, numéro 4.