Dr Mamy Tiana Rajaonah

KMCC Livelihoods Team Leader

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Ecosystem Stewardship


KMCC Livelihoods


Biological inventory, ethnobotany surveys, Dioscoreaceae taxonomy, forest restoration, agroforestry, rural development, plant species conservation, ecology, molecular biology, community development

I lead the Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre Livelihoods team.

My research has mainly focused on Malagasy yam species since 2001.

My master’s degree was about the ethnobotanical, biological and ecological study of wild yams species in Menabe region and my PhD thesis was done on ethnobotanical, molecular and virus disease study of cultivated yams species of Madagascar.

I have participated in several inventories of Malagasy wild yams species in many localities across the island through numerous projects and with different research institutions, such as the University of Antananarivo, FOFIFA, KMCC, PBZT.

I have been part of the team for the extension of yam cultivation in Madagascar since 2005 with the SAHA Program and the University of Antananarivo and other institutions and I have managed the technical part. I have already worked with some institutions developing the cultivation of wild yams species.

I’ve been working at the Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre since 2015 and have managed different projects about Malagasy wild yams species conservation in different regions and Agroforestry and forest restoration in Menabe region.

I’m currently involved on three projects based on Livelihoods and agroforestry.

  • PhD on life and environmental sciences, Faculty of Sciences, University of Antananarivo, 2015
  • Livelihoods Team Leader, RBG Kew Madagascar, 2015-present