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Ecosystem Stewardship


Sustainable Use, Seeds and Solutions


Biodiversity conservation, ecological management, environmental impact assessment, socio-ecological systems, ethnobotany, biogeography

I am a PhD student on the London NERC DTP based at Kew, King’s College London, and UCL. My research interests lie in applying interdisciplinary ecological and social approaches for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Working as part of the Useful Plants and Fungi of Colombia Project (UPFC), my PhD aims to identify Important Plant Areas for useful plants in the country and investigates the potential of conservation-through-use approaches. As part of this work, I am conducting national-scale biogeographical analyses as well as undertaking fieldwork with communities in case study areas to reflect both scientific and local knowledge on plant use and conservation. Before joining Kew, I worked as an Ecological Consultant for a global engineering consultancy and have previously held research roles focusing on sustainable agricultural practices.

  • MSc Ecological Management, Imperial College London, 2015
  • BSc Biology with a Year in Industry, Imperial College London, 2014

Kor, L., Homewood, K., Dawson, T.P. and Diazgranados, M., 2021.

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Kor, L., Lopez-Gallego, C., Castellanos-Castro, C. & Diazgranados, M. 2022. 

Assessing extinction risk coverage and identifying geographical hotspots to guide conservation action for Colombia’s useful plants. 

In: NEGRÃO, R., MONRO, A., CASTELLANOS-CASTRO, C. & DIAZGRANADOS, M. (eds.) Useful Plants of Colombia. London, UK: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Kor, L., O’Hickey, B., Hanson, M. and Coroi, M., 2022.

Assessing habitat connectivity in environmental impact assessment: a case-study in the UK context. 

Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal40(6), pp.495-506.

Manjon C, Troczka BJ, Zarorra M, Beadle K…, Kor L…, Bass C, Nauen R (2018).

Unravelling the molecular determinants of bee sensitivity to neonicotinoid insecticides.

Current Biology 28: 1137-1143.

Holland, J., Douma, J., Crowley, L., James, L., Kor, L., Stevenson, D. & Smith, B. (2017).

Semi-natural habitats support biological control, pollination and soil conservation in Europe.

Agronomy for Sustainable Development 37(31)

Pfeifer, M., Kor, L., Nilus, R., Turner, E.C., Cusack, J., et al. (2016).

Mapping the structure of Borneo’s tropical forests across a degradation gradient.

Remote Sensing of Environment 176 (84-97).

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