Kim Walker

PhD Student

Kim Walker

Medicinal plants, biocultural history, collections, history of medicine, ethnobotany

My main interest is in plant and fungal based medicines. The use of these is as old as humanity itself but many natural sources of medicines have been forgotten as synthetic compounds gained importance in the 20th century. Answers to many medical questions lie in the plant and fungi kingdom and my work involves researching these using Kew's rich archives and collections and working with scientists involved in chemistry and phylogeny to access these resources.

  • BSc Herbal Medicine, University of Westminster, 2013
  • MSc Research, University of Westminster, 2014
  • PhD Historical Geography, Royal Holloway (ongoing, predicted finish 2021)

Walker, K & Nesbitt, M., (2019).

Just the tonic: a natural history of tonic water.

London: Kew Publishing.

Biocultural collections and networks of knowledge in the nineteenth century: A quest for quinine.